Terms and Conditions

To achieve the best painted portrait, upload a clear photo of your loved one. A free sitting, or standing child/baby will achieve the best results. The background of the painting will be simplified to an impressionist style (soft and suggestive), unless otherwise specified in the comment box. Highly detailed backgrounds will be subject to additional costs if you would prefer to include a detailed background. Distracting or unflattering backgrounds will be simplified, altered, or left out, unless otherwise specified. A neutral colored background may be suggested to replace any cluttered background and to enhance the child’s beauty in the portrait. If you have a specific color tone you would prefer in for the background, please notify us. Otherwise, it will be left to the discretion of the Artist. No clothing logos, or other logos will be painted in the portrait. Highly detailed clothing items may be simplified into a simple impressionist style. Ex: individual animal prints on t-shirts, etc Facial details must be clear in the photo to achieve an accurate portrayal of the child. If the photo is blurry, the painting may reflect the undefined lines. If you desire a more dramatic painting, upload a photo with high contrast and light. The more dramatic lighting the photo, the more dramatic the painting. If the photo is in need of additional cropping to achieve the best results, someone from the Sweetpea team will be in contact with you to suggest alterations before the painting begins. Small imperfections will not be painted in the portrait unless otherwise specified. Ex: skin imperfections, smudges, stains etc. Any other specific suggestions can be addressed in the comment message box. You will receive a notification when your painting is complete, and on its way! All artwork is painted with attention and love by Jessi Dawn.